The Golden Dorsett Apple TreeThe Golden Dorsett Apple Tree
The Golden Dorsett Apple Tree
The Golden Dorsett Apple Tree

The Golden Dorsett Apple Tree

The Golden Dorsett Apple Tree offers a unique combination of attributes that are beneficial to growers. They can withstand very warm temperatures, as well as resist damage from frost, even down to -10 degrees F. Golden Dorsett Apple Trees also need fewer than 100 chill hours. All of these qualities make Golden Dorsetts a great choice to grow in the home garden. They grow to a height and width of 20 feet, prefer full sun, and are easy to grow and maintain.

The Golden Dorsett Apple Tree is an early producer that grows large, crisp, sweet yellow apples that are ripe in June and July. They will thrive in full sun, in USDA Zones 5 to 9, and in sandy-loam soil that drains well. Golden Dorsett Apple Trees require a pollinator, but many apple varieties will do the job. The Golden Dorsett Apple Tree is a popular tree in home gardens due to its early production, wide climate tolerances, and delicious, crunchy apples.

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