Paneer is perfect for this toasted sandwich recipe—the cheese is creamy but doesn’t melt completely into the spiced tomato sauce. Upgrade your grilled cheese.

Spiced tomato sauce with bits of creamy paneer fills delicious stuffed peppers here, but it can also be served with flatbread, over quinoa, or in a quesadilla.

Starring crispy fried thigh meat dressed in a savory, citrus glaze, orange chicken is a Chinese American take-out staple well worth making at home.

Made with nutty meringue, rich chocolate ganache, and vanilla and hazelnut buttercreams, the marjolaine is the perfect cake for special occasions.

This simple butternut squash soup packs a lot of flavor thanks to miso and ginger in the base, plus punchy finishers like lemon juice, cilantro & chili crisp.

Our best guacamole recipe gets warmth from cumin and heat from fresh or pickled jalapeño. Make this easy guacamole for the Super Bowl, movie night, or anytime.